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The level of compensation you will receive depends on a number of factors including:

The type and sensitivity of the data breached

The length of time that the data was available

Any financial loss that was a direct result of the data breach

The following scenarios illustrate different types of breaches and typical compensation pay outs:

  • A doctor’s report was wrongfully disclosed – £3,000 was awarded
  • A person’s medical treatment was wrongfully disclosed – £3,500 was awarded
  • A person’s sexual orientation and relationship status was made known on the internet – £2,000 was awarded
  • A person’s business and private life were disclosed wrongfully and  £5,000 was awarded
  • A person’s HIV positive status was made known – £6,500 (circa £5800) was awarded
  • A person’s accountancy records were lost – £8,500 was awarded
  • A persons’s address was made known to  a former partner who had been previously convicted of violent offences to the same person – £23,000 was awarded


Other Action

Our legal experts will also determine whether you should get a court order to remove the leaked data from it’s location, correct any errors or prevent its use